Kin Folk

World Premiere: July 8 – August 14th, 2016
Produced by The New Colony at The Den Theatre, Chicago
Written by William Glick
Directed by Evan Linder
Starring Chris Fowler, Andrew Hobgood, Alexia Jasmine, Steve Love, Annie Prichard, Stephanie Shum, and Elise Spoerlin

Kin Folk Press

Chicago Theater Beat

“Visually, the show is dazzling… Director Evan Linder keeps the pace going steadily, successfully managing the script’s frequent juggling between the suburban atmosphere of Naperville with the mysterious realm of the Otherkin. Innovative and well-handled… well worth seeing.”

Windy City Times
“Director Evan Linder keeps this perplexing, inventive play in constant motion…a unique comedy that speaks volumes about the need and universality of kinship.”

BuzzNews Chicago
“The journey is a fun one to watch, as the play is laced with the perfect measure of silliness while not going so far over the top that its message becomes diluted…In fact, it is an effective eye opening as to what people may feel but are afraid to say publicly.”

NewCity Chicago
Kin Folk is rarely, if ever, condescending and even characters played for comic relief show something more in their frivolity… what a kind show this was, empathetic and funny.”

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