The Antelope Party

Doug in The Antelope Party

World Premiere: January 8th-February 24th 2018
Written by Eric John Meyer
Directed by Jeremy Weschler
Produced by Theatre Wit in Chicago IL

Photos by Charles Osgood

“The cast is first rate… Doug [is] played with vigor and gruff determination by award-winning actor and playwright Evan Linder…”
Chicago Theatre Review

“What makes director Jeremy Wechsler’s production engaging throughout is the way the cast commits to these characters without turning them into caricatures of either obsessive-nerd culture or jackbooted thugs. This isn’t a point-and-laugh-at-the-oddballs exercise. Wechsler and the half-dozen actors make us care about the people under the pony manes.”
Chicago Tribune

“Five well-keyed performances from Wechsler’s excellent ensemble…”
Stage and Cinema

“Director Jeremy Weschler… has gotten some marvelous performances from his actors”
Chicago On Stage

THE ANTELOPE PARTY has a stellar ensemble… Linder lends both vulnerability and strength to his portrayal of Doug.”
Broadway World

“Director Jeremy Wechsler and his fine cast have fun with Meyer’s upsetting material without ever getting too didactic or preachy. The ensemble also expertly shows how their characters’ joy is beaten down and replaced with fear and anxiety.”
Windy City Times

Every Tuesday night, Ben hosts “The Rust Belt Ponies Meet-Up Group for Adult Fans of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC.” Sharing fun with these friends is a wonderful place to be. After all, nothing bad can happen in Equestria…

But when an ominous neighborhood watch brigade starts patrolling the streets, fear and paranoia creep into the circle of friendship. The outside world is turning more violent and authoritarian, and it is sucking our heroes into an entirely different story.

THE ANTELOPE PARTY is Eric Meyer’s amazing and timely new comedy which explores the rise of a new social order and how the currents of history, normalization and fear can sweep up even the most generous bronies.

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