Plastic Revolution

World Premiere: January 16 – February 22, 2015
Produced by The New Colony at The Den Theatre, Chicago
Book by Will Cavedo and Andrew Hobgood
Lyrics by Andrew Hobgood
Music by Julie Nichols
Directed by Evan Linder

Plastic Revolution Press

Time Out Chicago
A high-energy, entertaining musical is an auspicious start to the New Colony’s residency at the Den.
★★★★ “Plastic Revolution has an undeniable energy that guarantees its success… The New Colony produces such consistently creative and entertaining work that “up-and-coming” feels like an insult at this point.”

Chicago Theatre Review
“Director Evan Linder, together with musical director Charlotte Rivard-Hoster and choreographer Steve Love, have worked together orchestrating a delightful show that’s zippy, colorful and contagious. All of the characters are engaging and magnetic, with Linder mining every comic moment from the newly-revised script… moments of unexpected brilliance, absurdity and nostalgic playfulness. The show is simply a romping good time.”

Ada Grey
“I think that people should definitely go see this show because it is just a load of fun and it makes you feel very happy because it is such a funny and surprisingly touching show.”

Chicago Stage Standard
“Director Evan Linder keeps the action flowing seamlessly and quickly, and has wrangled his talented team into an ensemble that energetically and generously works together, inviting the audience to join a revolution that certainly was not this much fun in real life.”

Chicago Splash
Plastic Revolution gives you a smile that doesn’t quit…If you want a night of comic escape this is your top pick.”

Buzz News
“New Colony’s Plastic Revolution is air tight”

Edge Chicago
“Fun, fast-paced dialogue, sparkling performances and solid singing and dancing…”Plastic Revolution” is a show not to miss.”

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