At The Table

STUART in At The Table

Chicago Premiere: February 10th-March 11th 2017
Written by Michael Perlman
Directed by Spenser Davis
Produced by Broken Nose Theatre at Berger Park 

Remount with Full Original Cast Announced: June 29th-August 26th 2017

“The young company is acting the the living bejesus out of Perlman’s terrific script… one of the most riveting shows of the theater season.”
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
“A blazing young ensemble brings its best to the table…
some of the finest storefront ensemble acting in recent memory.”

Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago

“Perfect timing throughout… it starts as soon as the lights come on and Evan Linder shows his stuff as the dominating white man at the table who will hardly let anyone get in a word edgewise.”
Amy Munice, Picture This Post

“One of the best shows you’re likely to see in 2017… Agba, Linder and Weiss all give truly standout performances—but they are really just the top three among equals… There is an interiority to all the performances that is striking. It’s like Chekhov for the smartphone generation. And it’s definitely a must-see.”
Alex Huntsberger, NewCity Stage

“The acting displayed here is terrific and Davis brings them together as an ensemble superbly. Agba is particularly fine as Lauren. Weiss and Linder also stand out as Elliot and Stuart. The great achievement of the director and the ensemble is that they make us feel that we might join this conversation in the future because we have come to care about the characters.”
Nancy Bishop, Third Coast Review

“The script, by Michael Perlman, is electric. Spenser Davis stages the production with passion, energy, and the perfect amount of overlap… with stand outs Echaka Agba and Evan Linder gripping the audience despite their respective characters’ flaws. “
Kelly Corbett, The Hawk Chicago

Best Play, Best Ensemble, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (Echaka Agba)
Winner of Four 2017 Jeff Awards


tableSix friends head out of the city on their annual retreat for the weekend. With no social media, no cellphones, no internet allowed all, this leaves them with one thing to do… look up from their screens and talk to each other. And when the liquor starts flowing and the tongues start to loosen, no conversation is uneventful and no topic is off-limits. AT THE TABLE is a new comedy that begs the question: what happens when those with privilege are pushed to the periphery and a marginalized minority suddenly finds its voice amplified? Who is allowed at what discussion table, and who isn’t?

Production Photos by Matthew Freer
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At The Table 

  One of the best shows you’re likely to see in 2017…
Agba, Linder and Weiss all give truly standout performances.
 -NewCity Stage
★★★★-Chicago Tribune
★★★★-Time Out Chicago